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New Protocol Info

We are back and excited to see you!



Here’s what to expect at your appointment for the time being.



  • Call from your car when you arrive.  We will call you to come inside when your service provider is ready, and their area is fully sanitized.


  • Only bring in items that can be carried on person (ie. keys, form of payment, phone, jacket).  Please leave all other items in your car.


  • Wear a mask upon arrival and throughout your appointment


  • Sanitize your hands immediately upon arrival.


  • Receive a temperature check (must be below 100.3 to receive a service).
  • Answer questions relating to possible Covid-19 exposure & sign a release waiver at every appointment.<

Steps for your safety

We will continue to maintain all rules and regulations pertaining to Safety & Sanitation through the Bureau of Occupational Licensing 


We will maintain all Protocol laid out by the Idaho government for Phase 2 (these procedures are mandatory for the city of Boise)


Posted notification for guests of how we will take all the necessary precautions 


We will make it clear to all who frequent our business that our team is committed to follow these procedures to ensure everyone is protected.


Stations and chairs are placed six feet apart from each other, but we will occupy every other station to further ensure the safety of our guests. 


A shampoo station must remain vacant between guests when shampooing


After cleaning and sanitizing shampoo bowls and styling areas a “this station has been sanitized” sign will be placed in the bowl or on the station top.


Halo dryers, cutting stools, keyboards, mouses, and phones must be cleaned and sanitized after each use


Waiting Area is to only be used for caregivers waiting for small children or guests that need assistance.  Only one guest may be there at a time.


All magazines and any non-essential items are to be removed.


We will not be offering beverages at this time.


No Walk Ins, services are by appointment only (the front door will be looked)


Every 30 - 60 minutes we will do a thorough sanitizing of all high traffic areas and surfaces that are touched (we will try to wipe down surfaces as soon as they have been touched ie, front door, credit card reader, etc.)


For our makeup counter - we removed all disposable applicators and testers for guests. They will need to be distributed individually when trying on makeup.  


Inform all clients receiving services on what to be prepared for at their next appointment: Verbal, Email, Text, & Posted signage.  


Credit Card on file prior to receiving an appointment - we are now offering chair side check out!


Upon entering clients & staff will need to:

Answer questions pertaining to Covid-19 wellness

Wear a mask prior to entering the building.

Have temperature checked at entrance.

Sanitize hands at entrance. 

Guests wait in Car - Call when ready 

Only bring in what can be carried and held on their person - guests (no coats/vests, gloves, hats, purses etc..) 


Team members must launder/disinfect their masks and aprons daily


Team members must come to work with clean hair and clothes. 


Service providers will wash their hands with antibacterial soap between each client. For Stylists we believe that gloves aren’t warranted, because it delivers a false sense of cleanliness and can spread the virus more if worn inappropriately (this is in compliance of Idaho mandated protocol).  If a service provider or guest feels more comfortable with gloves being worn during the service this is acceptable, but every time a service provider begins a new service they will thoroughly wash and disinfect their hands and dispose of used gloves.


The staff will wear gloves for all procedures that involve skin to skin contact (such as waxing, facials, neck shaves etc.). 


Every station, chair, mirror, tools and any products used and touched will need to be cleaned and disinfected after each use to ensure everyone’s health and safety.


A clean new cape for e

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